CE Certification
FCC Certification

Battery Life

Real Time 200+ hrs
Type CR2025

Form features

Sweat resistant
Small and comfortable
Weight 11g

Heart Rate Data

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Data Signal Rate 2Hz


Tied to wristband
Tied to your underwear


Photoplethysmography (PPG)
Green Led + Light sensor

How it works

The technology used is the photoplethysmography, it 's less invasive technology known on market, typically used in hospitals to read your pulse from your fingertip.
A green LED enlightens the skin and from the different colors it take, the sensor is able to detect the heartbeat.

You can wear and clip the sensor to your wristband, underwear on your side or where you prefer, the important thing is that it remains in contact with the skin.
The pulsed light sensor technology used by Advicy is the best on the market in term of stability, reliability even in motion and in terms of energy consumption. It's like the detection via chest strap without the disadvantage of having to wear an uncomfortable chest strap.
(Coming in mid 2015)


The configuration of Advicy drive APP is simple and intuitive.
Thanks to 4 simple steps you will be guided in pairing your sensor, registering your personal attention value threshold(AVT) which will then be used as a comparison during daily use.

Discover how simple it is to drive safely
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Advicy Drive App
Soon available for iOS and Android

How it works

To check if you are driving safely or not Advicy Drive detects your personal attention value (AV). Your performance is then easily shown in the circle and continuosly monitored.
If the cursor is in the green zone you are driving safely, but if the cursor moves in the red zone, your physical conditions are lower than the safety threshold and an alarm will warn you in order to prevent a possible falling asleep at the wheel.

When you drive your heartbeat changes continuously, and even your attention value changes with it, you can easily check it looking the cursor movements.

Comparing in real time the AV level with your personal threshold AVT we can detect possible falling asleep event at the wheel.

In the case your AV level goes under your threshold AVT we warn you with a noisy alarm in order to temporarily restore your attention and we also suggest a drive stop!

We know how important is your safety!

The guided configuration is usefull to correctly set your personal biological attention value threshold - AVT. Each user has a different heart beat signal and a different attention value threshold - AVT. Your heart beat performance may change during the months, this is why we suggest to set a new guided configuration every months.
In case of danger Advicy Drive, as a digital angel , will warn you with a noisy alarm and , if you will not stop the alarm quickly , 'SOS' message will be sent to your AdvicyDrive's Angel in order to check your safety.
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