Advicy Drive detects drowsy driving and prevent people
from falling asleep at the wheel


"We have built an innovative security system to guard your safety at drive"

Using a self made heartbeat bracelet with a small bluetooth sensor, we detect and analyze your heartbeat from your skin through the AdvicyDrive APP on your smartphone and we are able to detect your attention level and let you know if you're driving safely: we can then prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving .
Heart Beat signal
Skin bluetooth Led sensor
Data monitoring and analysis
Alert from Advicy Drive App
In the event that Advicy detects, through an in-depth analysis of your performance, a possible cardiac fatigue or an imminent sleep attack you will be notified some minutes before, with an alarm directly on your smartphone!
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The core of Advicy Drive is the detection algorithm based on scientific studies that link heartbeat and sleep, conducted by scientists and doctors from the 80s to today.
Thanks to a thorough study of this relationships we have made Advicy Drive, a wearable device and a smartphone APP that, used while driving, can prevent accident caused by drowsy driving
Here's how the system works:

While driving wear the sensor on your wristband or underwear
Press the button to activate your sensor
Your heart beat is sent in real time to Advicy Drive App
Advicy extrapolates your personal attention value threshold from your heart rate
Your performance will be continuously monitored
In case you reach your alert threshold Advicy will preventively alert you suggesting to make a stop in order to prevent an accident

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